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Posts tagged "pickles"

Lacto-fermentation is one of our favorite ways to preserve vegetables — it’s quite easy, it works very well for small batches, and we think it’s good for us too.

This post at Simple Bites gives a great introduction to the concept and includes three recipes.

Lacto-fermented dilly beans! Yum.

How about a jar of this stuff, a couple sliced Brandywine tomatoes, some crusty whole grain bread, and a glass of wine? Dinner.

Also from our farm blog. Click through for recipes for fried okra, braised okra with cherry tomatoes, gumbo, and lacto-fermented okra pickles.

You know WE LOVE BEETS. Here’s a great post from Simple Bites with lots of info and 25+ beet recipes (soups, salads, sides, even desserts!).